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This is a Ltd Edn 500ml jerry can filled with your favourite viking juice.

It comes complete with a filled 100ml amber bottle and a transfer funnel.


Baldour is a sweet marshmallow cereal and milk juice perfect for that morning vape.


Hel is a blend of Dark and sweet cherries laced with koolada to provide a clearing Vape.


Hod is a delicate rich dark chocolate with a creamy smooth peppermint centre, just like an after dinner mint.


Sif is a ripe banana sliced and lightly fried in a salted caramel giving a wonderful caramelized banana vape.


Thor is a blend of juicy oranges, clementines and tart lemons with a little secret hidden under the hammer.


Valkyrie is a mix of tropical dragon fruit, fresh strawberries,and madagascan vanilla to tie it all together.


Yggdrasil is a Piercing lemon serbert with a juicy orange aftertaste sweet and sour all in one vape.


Ullr is a blend of zingy limes, Blackcurrents and a dash of koolada for that refreshing effect.

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Baldour, Hel, Hod, Sif, Thor, Valkyrie, Yggdrasil, Ullr


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